Our Team


Shari Goodstein Rossi

Chairwoman & Chief Financial Officer

Shari Goodstein Rossi is a successful and prudent Financial Manager representing family, aviation and real estate organizations in analytical, management and sales roles. As a profit-focused expert in cost reduction and budgeting Shari helps set Eagle Air apart from the competition by developing mutually beneficial relationships resulting in client, staff and affiliate loyalty.

Holding a CMT (Chartered Market Technician) designation from the MTA (Market Technician’s Association), Shari was instrumental in creating the Listing Exchange which was the predecessor to the Multiple Listing Service in Manhattan in 1998. She holds a Master’s of Science from New York University with a concentration in Real Estate Development where she graduated in the top 5% of her class. She also holds a Bachelor’s of Business Administration Finance Degree from George Washington University in addition to her continued role in her family’s Real Estate legacy spanning three generations.

Shari is very happily married to Cory Rossi and they share their love and passion for their children, their pet Mastiffs, horses and aviation. Family business is part of the passion that continues to drive them together to make a difference and create an environment they are proud of that meet the needs of everyone touched by their endeavors at Eagle Air Inc.

We’d love to tell you what Shari does in her spare time, but we are rather certain that she doesn’t have any.