King Air B200 - N84CQ

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The Beechcraft King Air is currently the World’s Most Popular Business Aircraft. With a range of 1500 nautical miles, it is the favored aircraft to zip into and out of business meetings quickly. Executive teams and larger families love this aircraft for its Spacious Handcrafted Leather Interior which seats up to 8 passengers. 

The aircraft features Twin Turbine Engines and Hi Tech Glass Cockpit Avionics as well as multiple redundant safety systems and an On-board Lavatory, providing our passengers secure and comfortable flight. 

Our passengers can relax in luxury with our State of the Art Sound System and enjoy a variety of Catering Options, tailored to the occasion. 

The King Air B200 is a versatile aircraft with the ability to land at smaller airports that are inaccessible to larger jets. Luxury, comfort and extensive safety features make this aircraft one of the most popular in private air charter. The cost savings when compared to a jet make the King Air one of the most desired aircraft, period. 

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